Thank you!


wedding favour thank youIt was very comforting for me to have someone lead us through the multitude of decisions required to host a wedding. You were always a calm presence and showed great patience when we waffled back and forth over a decision. You did so much work behind the scene on Saturday – I don’t know how we could have managed without your assistance” 

“From the time we woke up in the morning, to the time we went to bed, we didn’t have to worry about anything. Thank you for that.”

“We could go on and on and on Bryn.  Thanks for coming into our lives to help us with our wedding.  We love each other so much and you took the time to understand us and make us feel so special and loved. Our wedding weekend was magical and beyond anything we had ever dreamed. ” 

“How can we ever thank you enough? Thank you for your patience, attention to detail, artistic approach, kindness, organization, and finally… thank you for making our day so very special!”

“We could not have managed all of the little “surprises” without your help and expertise.” 

“We are all very grateful to you for your many hard working hours, supplies, and knowledge. Without you, we would have been lost.”

“There are not enough words. You have been warm, encouraging, unfailingly positive, and always professional during the past year.”

“Your sheets and packages contained every ounce of detail, allowing us to relax and keep our OCD at bay throughout the planning. Thank you!”

“You kept us on track, always had great ideas, and really got to know us to make a beautiful wedding that fit with us as a couple.” 

“Working with you, allowed me to relax, soak it all in, appreciate the little moments without any worry whatsoever.”

“You always touched base, gently advised, listened to my thoughts and then we collectively came up with a solution… You didn’t miss a thing in the details… Your timing and execution was flawless… Thank you again, for all that I saw, and all that I didn’t.” 

“Thanks a million for all you’ve done for us in preparation for our big day… no chance that we could have made it so memorable without your help!”

“You made our day special. Extra special. You made our day beautiful. All of your ideas matched our style completely. You have a gift!” 

“You have been an absolute lifesaver. Thank you so much for your guidance, creativity, and making everything I could think of actually happen!”

“I’m not sure what we would have done without you. You were there for us every step of the way and gave us such great advice and guidance. From recommendations to the million emails between us, your input and elegance made our event into the perfect wedding day.” 

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